In Memory…


Rose  Joshi

                                    I did M.Phil. 2nd Semester,

                                    The result published yesterday (July 14, 2007)

                                    1st was done earlier.

                                    Now I have to do with the “Thesis”.

                                    But couldn’t begin-

                                    As you’re in the hospital,
I’ll do it,

                                    Soon you’ll discharge.

                                    The computer you bought, for me from Japan-

                                    Did help me a great.”


                                    “That sounds nice,

                                    It is good news,

                                    You did it,

                                    Go ahead-

                                    You’ll do that, too.”

                                    I noticed a light in his face,

                                    In addition, breathed a long.

                                    Alas! On the seventh day (July 21, 2007)

                                    You said “Good bye”.


What a sudden!

                                     What an unexpected!

                                    I made you sleep the day before,

                                    Then backed home at half-past nine,

                                    Mother hadn’t seen you for four days,


                                  You have forbidden her to visit the hospital,

                                    As she’d been suffering from cold and fever,

                                     I told her, “Rosé’s well and discharge you next day-

                                    On a leisurely day- the Saturday.

                                    We had two more handful of rice that very evening.

                                    Your brother was with you until 2 am.

                                    He was pleased

                                    To see you fast asleep,

                                    Your friends let him go home,

                                    So he did.


                                                     From five a.m.                        

                                                 You struggled,                                                                        

                                                To live; to win life,

                                              At 8:35 am-

                                           The death won the battle.        


                                    Completing the rituals-

                                    I sat on my table,

                                    To review my thesis work

                                    Tried best to console my heart,

                                    However, I could not.

                                    I tried to move the pen,

                                    I remembered-

                                    I made you tried to write,

                                    Your initial homework.

                                    I try to read the book-


                                    However, I recalled-

                                    Made you to read the books.

                                    The vivid pictures;                                                      

                                    Of naughty stubborn acting,

Quickly moved

                                    Around my face,

                                    Tears dropped on the book                            

                                           And formed your recent face

                                       I stared and stared;

                                    I was dumbstruck.



                                    We observed the Sa Paru

                                    The Newar tradition to commemorate

                                    The departed loved ones
Holding your tattoo coated website photo
Moved around the Basantapur Darbar square
Prayed the Almighty
You rest in peace and,
Get company of god ‘n sages
Seen many giving an eye to you

                                    And said, “Passed away in the young”

                                    We were Lost in the crowd

                                     As the rivers in the Ocean.

                                    Festivals came to the doorsteps,

Mother’s outcry awakened the family at midnight                  

                                     Missed my ideas-

                                    Of making my thesis finish right.

                                    What a desert created in home!

                                    Not forgotten ever,

                                    Better no festives come

                                    We live a mourning surrounding-

                                   Lasting long-ever and ever.


                                    So prominent was,

                                    Your social health.     

                                    You made so many survived.

                                    Rescued youths.

                                    Mates commented, “You fought a war.”

                                    Bravo! My son,

                                    I am proud of you.

                                    Many mothers came to salute you.

                                    Friends obey and respect you.

                                    You’ll remain alive in hearts of those-

                                    Who have taken rebirth in this world!

                                    The Gita rightly says-

                                    “Body dies, even soul remains immortal.”


                                    If the laws make you reborn,

                                    And if same to us –I urge the God

                                    Let you be born,

                                    As our elder son.                                                                                            

                                I need strength to bear your absence             

                              Breaking the rooted taboos

                                    We forbade ‘her’ dress in white.

                                    I assure you,

                                    To provide patronage to your beloved-

                                    Moreover, to loving Marline.

                                    We’ve given a choice to your loved.

                                    Either she’ll remain as- a chori or a buhari

                                    Let her discharge her karma,

                                    You had better bestow her

                                    As she sees you everywhere.                                       

                                     (September 9, 2007 (Bhadra 23, 2064)